Remember: If you plan to dig on a Saturday, please ensure that you submit your locate request prior to 2:00 pm the previous Wednesday. This will allow facility operators to locate your public utilities and for you to have a valid ticket for your Saturday project.

NOTE: Please wait until the start date and time on your ticket to dig. Facility Operators have until the start date and time on your ticket to locate their underground lines.

Use GSOC this time and every time because you never know what's below.

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Contact Gopher State One Call (GSOC) before starting any excavation project. Whether the project is large or small, if you are using machine-powered equipment or just a shovel and rake to plant a garden, get your work area marked. Contacting GSOC in advance helps you and your loved ones dig safely while avoiding costly damages to underground facilities. For more information about types of tickets and ticket response codes, please go to our ticketing page.

Use GSOC this time and every time because you never know what's below.



Whether you call or click to request a locate ticket, GSOC will need specific information relating to your dig so that your ticket can be processed correctly. Please review the questions you will need to answer before contacting GSOC in our Locate Request Guide. If you fail to have the complete information before you contact GSOC your request may be suspended until you obtain complete information. For a complete view of the GSOC process from start to finish, take a look at our Dig Safe Guide.

What Does NOT Get Marked: Private Facilities


Some underground lines in your work area may not be utility owned. These are considered private facilities and will NOT be marked by public utility companies. Types of private facilities include, but are not limited to, heating systems for pools, electricity for outbuilding, invisible fences, fiber optic lines, septic systems, and satellite dishes. If you think you may have private facilities you should contact a private utility locator to identify and locate them. For more information about private underground facilities and homeowner responsibilities please read through our GSOC Handbook.


You are required to use white markings to define the entire area where excavation will occur, unless it can be shown it is not practical. Include a safety buffer when marking the area.

  • White
    Area of proposed Excavation
  • Pink
    Temporary Survey Markings
  • Red
  • Yellow
    Gas, Oil, Steam, Propane
  • Orange
    Communication, CATV, Fiber
  • Blue
  • Purple
    Reclaimed Water, Irrigation
  • Green


You must contact GSOC at least 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) in advance of your plans to excavate.

ALWAYS check yard markings and GSOC Positive Response ticket status before beginning excavation.
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